L O O K 1 0 0: T H E D A Y H A S C O M E

Oh say what you wanna say, nothing’s ever gonna change
Everybody’s going away sometimes
Bottom and monotony, virtual lobotomy
Everybody’s looking to say their mind, but I
I don’t wanna be part of mediocrity
Cause all I see is one big plague, and
Only want the truth,
Hold it like the flame of youth and don’t let go oh

All I need is you
All I need is you

Hoooooah ohhoah the day has come, the day has come
Hoooooah ohhoah we’re free to love, free to love
And I, I’m ready to ride
With you, you make me alive, alive

On Markski Glom

TOP: >-HIS-< FoodFun TxtChng Shirt&VTeeTucked
BOTTOM: [ ERAUQS ] – Azzy Jeans
FOOTWEAR: Semller Scallop Sneakers Iridescent EDT White
MVT Plastic bag – COLD BREW BOBA
MW Roses Bouquet
LEVENCHY – Leather Panel Cap (black studs)

On Ruvi Gatchie

TETRA – Leather Jacket with Hoodie
Bens Boutique – Lizzy Leggings

TRUTH – Flirt

Semller – Platform Brit Boots Sticker Edt. Cat

[ kunst ] – Andrew Cuffs

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