P L A Y I N G  N O T.

SL is a game. For me personally, no.

We are living with people in a very complex world filled with 3D graphics, animations, rendering prims, and all that the this world could offer. Again, it is not a game or is it? Why? What is a the definition of a game?

A game is an activity that is executed for pleasure and without conscious player and has criteria . It should have a goal, rules to follow, chance – the course of the game is never the same, and competition. (Kramer, 2000)

If I will be using that definition, I need to go back to what we do in SL, in life generally. Same definition applies though…we have rules to follow, we have a goal in everyday and everything to accomplish, things does not happen same way everyday, and we do have competition here and there. So when I go back to my stand…maybe yes SL is a game… a game of Life.

Sometimes people define gaming as pretending to be functioning a certain character, being someone you are not, playing a “role”, and that is a freedom within this world that is provided to us. As Secondlife “players”, we do have a choice to be whatever and whoever we want to be…it may be more vague than our real life roles, but we portray different characters and follow the rules that we apply to ourselves, Linden Lab provided, and other people’s rules that we are aware of through notices or personal notes.

Although, with all these rules… I think the most important rule that we need to follow is respect. We live in this world differently, and admit it or not, we are still dependent to each other either consciously or unconsciously.

So as we “play” this life together…let’s play by the rules.

Markski Glom

*photos taken at One Caress


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