L O O K 1 2 : T AG L A G A S



“How much of your time are you willing to give to someone who has spent all his life loving you?
Let us look inside the life of a man spending the dawn of his life waiting for his only daughter.

Seventy nine year-old Gary’s life fell down the dumps when he was left by his beloved daughter Charina to work out of town. Gary, who’s already having a second childhood, spends his everyday life drawing on his visual diary. He is accompanied by a caregiver, who was paid to look after him.
Didn’t he invest much love to not be taken-cared of and loved in return by his daughter whom he cared the most?” – Aprilli Padilla

Please take time to watch the video.

JACKET: XIAJ – Trench Coat (NEW)
SHIRT: GIZZA – V Neck White T-Shirt
PANTS: LEGAL INSANITY – Hefunky Pants – Petroil
SHOES: KAUNA – Brogue – Tan & White
XIAJ – Elephant Bag – Beige (NEW)
GLOW STUDIO – Ear Cuff – Raven
LODE HAT – Voyageur – Brown and White

PROPS: [PM] Suprize! – by Pjay Adder

Larcoco Mathy
Nathalia Topaz

Thank you ladies for the beautiful shots. Hugs


One Comment Add yours

  1. Bumblebee says:

    very moving and heart wrenching. salamat for sharing ❤

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