Y I N & Y A N G

I saw a girl that looked like you,
I didn’t know quite what to do,
It took a power of will to break my stare.
I realized what I wanted wasn’t there….

Now you’re gone,
There’s nothing else I want.
Now that it’s over,
There’s nothing else I want.
What have I done,
Looks like I was wrong.
Is everything really meant to change,
I guess we’re like water and a flame.
Water and a flame…

Wanted to thank Sea for posing with me… I am just waiting on her version of the photos. It was a great shoot!

Featuring the Finesmith – Loona Collar

Check the item out @ Finesmith Store – click on this link to visit the store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Azure%20Island/130/133/8


On Markski
Accessory: Finesmith – Loona – Black
Hairbase: Aitui – Hairbase 5
Hair: MaDesigns – Dawson – Black I
Beard: Evian Tintable Tattoo Beard B

On Sea
Accessory: Finesmith – Loona – White
Make up: Zibska – Sanctum – Coal


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