49. G O S S I P F O L K S

When I pull up in my whip
Bitches wanna talk shit
I’m driving I’m glad and I’m styling
These motherfuckers ask did ya see it
I’m gripping these curves
Skuurk, did ya heard
I love em, my feathers, my furs
I fly like a bird

Citta and I have been posting a lot of photos recently together, so why not have a blog collaboration? Yes yes yes!

We share to you a blog made by yours truly, and the awesomely fun Citta Wiskee.

Link :   http://procorpionunyu.wordpress.com/


Hair: DQ…Harambe Dreads/BLACK
Makeups: – DAMNED – Neon green Spray, Eye Band Make-Up Tattoo by Fuschia Nightfire
Tattoo: :::Regalo:::TATTOO Fake Cross-Female-Black
Jacket: ~C2X~ 96 Hoodie & Hot Pants
Inner: *COCO*_Combinaison_Black
Pants: Adjunct – Camouflage Fatigue Pants (Boxed)

Shoes: Crickets – iRun (Black)

Bracelet: : Amorous : You
Necklace: Jetcity Fashions – Black Pearl Necklace Set 2
Earrings: Apple May Designs – Obnoxious Hoops
Fingers: EA! Brass Knuckles

Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ELCON ~ Black I
Tattoo: Salon de GLOW – hair base 02 (Blacks – Ash)
Jacket: Nian Designs Male HodieVest
Pants: Kapone Mesh Jogging Pants – Red

Shoes: Urbatik Supra – Red

Headphones: [CheerNo] Valentines.Love HEADPHONE
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6


One Comment Add yours

  1. beccikie says:

    I love this pose with the ball. It’s great!

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