31. Aleida : S O L I T U D E


Dear everyone,

I have thought of this for a while or actually for some months now and the more I think about it the more right it feels. The feeling and my intuition tells me, that it is now time to go forward in RL with new projects, new challenges and new future (I am studying multi media designer 2nd year). Getting a job in RL has become a bigger challenge than ever and I am deaf in my RL, so it is even more a challenge for me to get a job in this field i am studying now.

It is super important for me to put all my effort to become very good in this profession and it is only possible if u put big effort in it. I did not do that in the past 12 months I have been in school because of my obligations in SL. I have closed SL before because of my studies but I came back because it was so hard to leave and also I was not ready at all. Now I am and I am 100% sure – been thinking and trying to ask myself thousands of times, if it feels right, and yes it does.

Now, I will be having a final and final for ever final closing sale. Everything you see in store will be reduced with 50-70% off the original price.

Feel free to leave ALEIDA group or wait untill last day – the gifts are now not obligated to be for group members only  – now it is free for everyone to grab piece of ALEIDA without membership. Bring your family&friends to ALEIDA:

Closing sale starts: 23rd May 2012

Closing sale ends: 23rd June 2012 —–> final day for saying good bye



1. Does Ale have problem with SL or RL because of her closure decision?

No, not at all. I enjoyed every moments in my SL and it will always be a great memory, great learning experience and something that always will be part of my life even if I am not on-line anymore. 5 years spent on SL is something I will never take away from me.

2. Will Aleida Rhode come back in future?

No. I will be deleting the account and my MP will not be available anymore after the final closing day.

3. Will MP also have closing sale?

Yes. All will be reduced as well in MP.


With all my love & best wishes
for all my SL friends overall the world,
that I have known over the past 5 years.

Thank you all for being there

♥ Ale



*im just listing the ALEIDA items I used.

1st Photo:

I ALEIDA I Camilo jacket

I ALEIDA I Alaska boot

I ALEIDA I Denilson jacket

<kal rau> Skinny Pants – Yellow

2nd Photo:

I ALEIDA I Thiago baggy jeans

I ALEIDA I Alex pant belt

3rd Photo:

I ALEIDA I Ronaldo v-shirt

I ALEIDA I Robinho fedora hat

I ALEIDA I Eddie smart pants


We will miss you Ma’am Ale…

We look forward to see you soon along with the wonders of your creative hands.

All our love to you as well.


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