18. Remind me I’m an AVI

When you start to get hooked on this virtual world called Secondlife… sometimes you tend to forget that you are still human…

The possibility of reaching beyond the capacities you have in the real world are encompassed here. SL offered us a life beyond the one we have now. But for how much would we have to invest for a life that is blinding us of what we really have?

Sometimes we only look at the sadness, we look at the suffering, we look at the insecurities. We tend to be deceived by our own fears and grudges… and we tend to go to this hopeful world and live life without “regret”.  But let me tell you a fact.


There was a life given to you… a gift…

You may be suffering and undergoing low times… but through all of these things you will experience and see that indeed the real life offers you more than what you have right now on secondlife. So why not take time to look at the happy things your life has offered instead on dwelling on its flaws, your flaws, other peoples’ flaws, and make the best of this wonderful thing called reality.

Remind yourself again… it is most awesome to live beautifully in both worlds not just one.


I love you awesomeness in both of my lives… even if I’ll have nine more… I will love you the same. ❤


For this LOTD I featured items from the newly opened Men’s Department, they feature designer items for  prices within 70  to 150 L.


Top: BALACLAVA!! Cheshire Cardigan (Khaki) (NEW)

Inner Shirt: Pixlights gold shirt (NEW)

Pants: 22769 ~ [homme] slackerpants grey (NEW)

Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Delaney Shoes Brown


Bag: *Fishy Strawberry* Barcelona Bag Natural

Necklace: (AMD) Crater Necklace – Stone

Skin: FRUK Knox skin shade 3 – The Gent (NEW)

Hair: [Shag] – This Charming Man – raven (NEW)

Pose: Posies ANTM – Tyra

The new items are available at the MENS Department: LM HERE



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sugar Cane Lollipop says:

    Well Said and so true. Thanks for reminding us ❤

  2. isooleander says:

    Beautifully said!!!

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