Almost my whole life in SL modeling industry roam around the four corner of the Finesmith store. It is with great privilege that I present to you Finesmith’s Valentine Set for males.

First on the list is FINESMITH’s HEARTOLOGY SET. The set includes a necklace,  a bracelet as well as an awesome detailed wing. This set presents love in a very goth but elegant way. The wings personally I see it as a representation of how love can reach everyone in SL disregarding distance and all other borders.

It is one true Finesmith item that you would surely keep in handy.

Next is FINESMITH’S HEART KEEPER Necklace. With a detailed heart kept inside a box, surely Love will be safe and kept till the end of its existence. This item will definitely inspire both male and female to have.  Keep your love intact…keep it in a Finesmith Heart Keeper Necklace.

Next is FINESMITH’S ONE HEART Necklace. It defines how one can love purely and keep loyalty in the midst of all temptation. Loyalty to one love can be quite  difficult if relationship is not bounded by trust and pure love. Indeed this item is one reminder that would should cherish the significance of loving and keeping it alive.

After which I present to you FINESMITH’S STRAIGHT FLASH Necklace. It is one interesting piece, combining four detailed hearts it makes a very modern appeal at the same time gives an emphasis on the heart…this may be a reminder for all of us to give not just a percentage of our love but rather give more.

Next item is called FINESMITH’S TOUCHES OF HEART. Whenever you see this item, think of the person who touched your heart in any way. It is a good thing for the Valentines to express our love to those who we care for most, we cherish most, and we love the most. Let them be the touched, the same way you had been.

Last but not the least…is FINESMITH’S MONOGAMOUS BROOCH. In the present, people tend to forget this term and sometimes it does not matter anymore. But indeed loving someONE matter more than trying to love many and not able to do so. Find it strength when you see yourself being able to hold on to that ONE person for you. Make it work, make it grow, and you will see that it is indeed better to have one than not to have anybody at all.




Items above are available at the FINESMITH STORE

and for more details on the collection…





Would like to also thank Enzo Davies for the *Glasiz* Release.

I used his *ShadZ* Custom ACDC (Classic Fr.)

Here is an announcement from *Glasiz*



Do grab this awesome SALE. Here is the Store LM (CLICK HERE)

IM Enzo Davies for more details.



Thank you.

❤ Markski


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