66. Spirit of Christmas

Before I start with the theme which is the Spirit of Christmas…let me share to you first some of the releases I was able to grab during the weekends.

Coutdown releases a new avant garde outfit called Black Widow.

A very mysterious effect given to her royal highness. Every lady deserves this treat so come visit Countdown and experience the royal treatment, very elite and high fashion.

IM AntoniaXp Resident for inquiries

LM HERE to visit the shop.

Another awesome brand that I was introduced with…The Drunken Monkey Clothing Company .

Owned by designer UncleSlappy Wylie,  a very casual collection very comfortable to man’s needs.

IM UncleSlappy Wylie for details or visit their store at LM HERE.


This is just a styled outfit for today that I wanted to share…


Jacket: Halcali:::Short Jacket[black] + gloves

Pants: A:S:S – Bound pants

Accessory: Finesmith– LIQUID- necklace

Hair: Salon de GLOW –  Sugar

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Menstuff Hunt Item


Interesting enough..these outfits are three extremely different genres. Only shows how versatile our designers are. Very talented and I respect everyone of them here in SL. Although there are some issues going on regarding designers, at the end of the day it will be about respect. Respect for each other as individuals and our capability to choose, respect for other people’s opinion, respect for the effort given by everyone on their craft may they be models, designers, or exploring avatars.

May this year be not about our differences but rather be about the true essence of Christmas which is Peace and Unity. Regardless of the hurt and damage done between one individual to another, may we always remember that all of us are imperfect and prone of mistakes therefore instead of dwelling on it, let us stood up for each other as citizens of this world that was created perfectly for us to live in peace and harmony.

Peace will come. Although I would wish for Santa to bring it as fast as he can. ^_^

I love you all. Huggies.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. *hugs! such lovely words…peace, love, and happy holidays to you Markski:)

    1. Markski Glom says:

      thank you Rhonda..huggies ^^

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