65. I killed you.

Your reliance on my vision instils murder,
The murder comes from the dirty mind.
Murder is the culmination of centuries of work
And fulfilling is the question, so wonderful is the crime.
May we relish the golden feeling attached to this trick
We see around like the sun and its planets are also around.
Rely on them for your basic needs,
Your needs for knowledge will spring back.
Then murder of the dragons is even not desired,
Even the massacre has betrayed the man of special virtue.
by Naveed Akram


Jacket/Vest – Gisaci Vest – Black
Shirt – Sartoria Longsleeve with black tie
Pants – Sartoria Gala Pants
Shoes – Muism Leather Boots
Watch – Hoorenbeek
Jacket (on hand) – 4 Minute Shoulder Coat Black
Gun – Vanguard Side Arm Pistol (Limited edition)
Glasses – Mr. Poet Upper Rim Glasses
Cigarette – Freebie – Cowboy Cigarette

To my surprise…I can’t say anything.lool.

Speechless Markski.

Huggies to all.

Credits to Polisi Artis for the Photo..thanks bro.


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