63. Freshly Pressed!

I have planned to work with some dear friends for photos on some of the most loved brands we have in SL. I entitled this post freshly pressed because I want everyone to feel that everything we promote is something fresh and guaranteed pressed or ironed.lool.

So with no further adieu… here are works of some of my SL photographer friends and releases from Gizza and Styles of edo.

The Gizza- Freddie Mercury Tribute

The first photo on top was done by me…and was shot at the under construction Opera House. I crept inside the unfinished structure… started taking shots…I hope I don’t get killed by this.

The next photo below it was taken by Liannah Silvercloud. She is starting with her photography career in second life. Most of the time she does morphing, but she was kind enough to let me have a photo from her.

Styles of edo – Athos Suit

Aware of the story of the three musketeers, we reminisce of that character by the name of Athos. Three brave men, united as brothers, fighting for what they know is right, and not standing without a battle. “Fierce, bold, and brave” three words that can compare to this outfit from Styles of edo.

The photograph is done by a good auntie by the name of Asia Rae. She has been family to me since the early January 2011. She lives in Turkey, along with mom (Giz Seorn) and dad (Auster). She is one of the most in demand SL fashion photographers doing ads for Finesmith and Glam Affair to name a few. Her unique view of angle and color scheme makes Asia stand out among other photographers in SL. She maximizes image editor features that would not be seen used by other photographers in world. A very wonderful lady, sweet but incredibly professional in her field, Asia has been recognized all around the fashion industry because of her hard work and dedication.

Thank you Auntie for giving me the opportunity to feature your work again.”

Also to Sir edo Tone for the wonderful outfit.

For details regarding Styles of edo, IM edo Tone

or visit their store at (LM HERE)

GizzA’s Steampunk outfit

Have you ever wondered what will happen if Coco Channel already lived during the early industrial English times? That would be the time of inventions and discoveries when it comes to scientific and mechanical developments which would mostly imply that people wear outfits that would suit their works equals to steampunk.

It is very genius of Polisi Artis to create this image of an individual having lots of ideas coming up to create something whimsical and yet functional. It is a collaboration of magic and science to develop an imagination that would create this kind of image to life.

Polisi Artis is an Indonesian photographer, married to Maya Sharpshire of InWorld Inc., who has been one of the notable photographers in SL due to his clever creations. Combining creative imagination and the physics of an SL avatar, he gives us a wonderful masterpiece that you will not take your eyes from.

With precise details he expresses the beauty of SL. Polisi is CEO of Pulse Gear which produces advertisements and other print ad services.

Thank you uncle for the awesome photo…I love the message of it.

For details on the Gizza outfit

IM mom (Giz Seorn ) or dad (Auster Elan) or me.lol

Better yet, visit our shop! (LM HERE)

I hope to be able to feature more of SL’s wonderful photographers here along with new releases from SL designers and styled outfits. Please continue supporting the blog and share it to others as well. It is always an honor to be able to provide style tips and other information through this blog.

Thank you!

Yours truly,

Markski Glom


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