Menstuff Hunt


> 150 Designers
> Exclusive gifts for Menstuff
> Menstuff Competition


If you only do one hunt this season this is the one for you. With over 150 stores from all over the grid and over 30 exclusive gifts, this is the MUST hunt for men’s content on the grid!


Check out what our hunters and designers have to say…


~Terran Magic: I like them because they are well put together and supported so that if you have a question there is always someone to assist


~Charity Steampunk: This hunt is a great way to find out about shops that would otherwise have been hard to find, the diversity exposes me to many fantastic shops I might otherwise never have known about.


~Erik Heinrichs- Simpson (erik.heinrichs): broaden knowledge of sl creators, thanks for time and effort on making it happen.


~ Roscko Cobalt: and believe me as a creator its well worth it 😉


The Menstuff team would like to thank our designers and especially our sponsors. Without you, this would not be possible.




Hunt Owners:
Ivy Maverick -Contact – ivymaverick@gmail.com
Rob1977 Moonites – Contact Ivy Maverick


Hunt Manager: Skintrader Greyskin
Contact in-world.




Want to find out more? Join the group at the Menstuff lounge:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maverick%20Design/196/164/22






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