53. Happeee Holloweeen.


Orange, yellow leaves…falling down…falling down….

It has been fun watching the sims change from all greeny to bright orange-yellowish. Also we notice different stores releasing their Halloween collections…holloween here…holloween there…. Fun isn’t it? So I had an idea to come up with a post that would represent holloween autumn season as fun and not scary.

Before that..here is an awesome tune to share.. ^_^

Nightingale – Twin Peaks – Julee Cruise

The nightingale
It said to me
There is a love
meant for me
The nightingale
It flew to me
And told me
That it found my love.

He said one day
I’ll meet you
Our hearts will fly
With the nightingale.

The nightingale
He told me
One day
You will be with me.

The nightingale
Said he knew
That your love
Would find my love one day

My heart flies
With the nightingale
Through the night
All across the world.

I long to see you
To touch you
To love you
Forever more.



On Markski:


Skin: Evian – Ryuji Pale

Hair: **Dura-Emo**04



Shirt: Adjunct – Sculpted Tee – Orange/brown

Scarf: VM/ Alto Scarf


Pants: GizzA – Striped Pants [Green]

Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Boardwalkers


* PREFABRICA * halloween pumpkin

Grim Bros. Happy halloween Tophat 10 big



On Sylphia:

Hair by Boon
Long Shirt by Noju(Halloween Special Edition)
Dress by Parallel Love (Halloween Special Edition)
Pants by Cynfull (Xmas)
Gloves by Roc( Persona)
B@R Pumpkins Earrings


On Hadaluna: (to follow)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. blackliquid says:

    Nightingale – Twin Peaks – Julee Cruise love this reminds me of twinpeaks rock

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