43. When Angels commit Murder


Story of my life
Searching for the right
But it keeps avoiding me
Sorrow in my soul
Cause it seems that wrong
Really loves my company

He’s more than a man
And this is more than love
The reason that the sky is blue
The clouds are rolling in
Because I’m gone again
And to him I just can’t be true

And I know that he knows I’m unfaithful
And it kills him inside
To know that I am happy with some other guy
I can see him dying

I don’t wanna do this anymore
I don’t wanna be the reason why
Everytime I walk out the door
I see him die a little more inside
I don’t wanna hurt him anymore
I don’t wanna take away his life
I don’t wanna be…
A murderer

>> I cannot think of any other song to suit this masterpiece.lol.

Angels are extreme beings that can be around us right now… I found mine..(gazes at Mrs. Dench-Glom). And she knows that I treasure her that much. I hope you also find your angel. Be inspired and fly away to the their arms. Let not anything push you too far to be a murderer.

Love is difficult to find same as with angels, but you know it exists and you feel it. When you find one, hold on to it tight and not let go. For when you find things difficult, that is when you will see your Angel offering hand and telling you, ” I am here with you always.” And after all the emptiness and hard times drifts away.


Top: Egoisme Smooth Tank – Red

Pants: [][]Trap[][] Hakama Black

Tattoo: Egoisme – Fashion Line-Snake

Gloves: Massacre blood clothing layers gloves


::: B@R ::: Eclipse Knight Wing – Left

)<SF>( Uesugi Daisho Sword Sheath


Skin: Egoisme – Johan Skin

Hair: [CheerNo] Hair MORAN [Mystic]




The Akeruka Mark skin is now out in the store (LM HERE)

IM your questions and inquiries to Kaoz Koba

P.S. Thank you Mam Natalie Wells for the photo


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