21. Darkness devours you…

When I got the item from the bloggers group…I was like…how will I be able to blog this…it is a dress made specially for a lady. But since we do not let boundaries limit us from styling…here is the Finesmith Anigma Set.

We are experiencing everyday stresses that sometimes takes our whole being into peril seas. We sometimes do not realize the hazards and still venture on this harmful road. It is important to take time to think, have a break, and realize things. Listen to friends’ advice, and find yourself. Sometimes we are too pushy on what we want and we sometimes do not realize that the thing we ask for will not bring us good…we are all prone to darkness…and we should be cautious.

Style Card:


{Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt – Aufren White

Phoenix Rising  – Suspenders


FS Anigma Inspiration Set

Make Up:

Lovely Mi – Mess Black – Eyes


Belleza – Ashton  – SK

* and of course…Cory the crow


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