20. Markski gets Baiastic-ized

This post is for the lovely Mam Sissy, although she send me the items for Menstuff…i asked her if I can blog her items here. She was sweet and permitted me to do so.

So here is Baiastice New Male Collection..

Baiastice - Arizona Shirt
Baiastice - Barbed Wire Long Sleeve
Baiastice - Big VFlower
Baiastice - Bihar Shirt
Baiastice - Dots in Arrow
Baiastice - Giser Top
Baiastice - Kota Polo
Baiastice - NotFace Shirt
Baiastice - Polo and Plaid Shirt
Baiastice - Sikar Shirt
Baiastice- What is your Excuse shirt

All the items you see here comes in different sets of colors, so there are many items you can choose from. The sets of pants and shorts will be published tomorrow. ^_^

Shirts Concerned..one Word!! AWESOMENESS!!

Do visit the Baiastice Store and have a look at their new items. High quality items, good on your wallet, worth getting the whole collection.

Store Here: Baiastice Store

IM Miss Sissy Pessoa(CEO/Designer)  for more information.


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