18. Kay-rific!!!

It’s been a while since I last posted something from Mom…so with all my love I give you Finesmith Kay…drumrrollllll pleaseee…

What can be more tasteful than a pair of FS Kay and perfectly shaped abs…heheh..kiddin.

Looking at the set, I keep on thinking tribal or something like Indonesian colorful costume, but of course since this is gonna be on Markski’s blog I have to present something out of the box, out of what others are going to be expecting of the set.  The Kay set is wonderfully created, high quality – as always of Finesmith, and with lots of love from mom…  it is always pleasure and fun to be able to post something created with passion and with a lot of snuggles with it. Plus I promised to post and keep myself updated heheh. grins.

p.s. this post had lots of influence from Urchin (Seashell Dench) ^^

HUggies to all ❤ MARKSki


Top: Cheerno Moon

Pants:  Gizza – White

Accesories: Finesmith Kay

Hair: **Dura-Boy**13

*btw people are asking about the “Black Crow” tag.

I explain…

Everybody has pets from dogs, to cats, to horses, Meeros, Fairies, dragons, etc.

This is CORY… Cory the Crow.

For those who were able to purchase Gizza’s Faust of the female version of it… a tiny Crow is added to the outfit…that is Cory. Everyone meet Cory..heheh. She will be my partner in crime wherever I go, whatever shows I do, and to almost everything that I will wear (sometimes need shoulder for attatchments) LOL.

Anyways, that is the reason why I have The Black Crow display name. ^_^ Enjoy.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. awesomeness!!!! I love every bit of this post!! And love u 😉

    1. Markski Glom says:

      and i love every inch of you too

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