10. Freebies..FReebies…and lots more FREEEBIIIESSS!!

Although we are very much aware that freebies are often attached to the term “noob”… this time I would personally want to present to you good quality freebies for MALES!!! YAY!!

Brought to you by Menstuff Group (IM Ivy Maverick for group info)

The group gifts are composed of 150 designers (looking forward to all…)

But so far…here is what I have gotten out of the Magic Menstuff Group Gift Wall (Accessories and pose gifts not included yet) ^_^






And complete outfits of course …

This is one treat every bro’s there shouldn’t miss!

IM Mam Ivy Maverick for more information.

IM me for outfit designers.^_^


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aspen Parx says:

    YaY! Thanx for the tip!

  2. blackliquid says:

    clever cookie…. what about womens?

    1. Markski Glom says:

      hahah..you calling me cookie too..lmao ^_^

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