Project 2: She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

Here it is. Project 2 ^_^

The music video for “She Will Be Loved” features a young man (played by lead singer Adam Levine) who falls in love with the socialite mother (played by Kelly Preston) of his girlfriend (played by Corinne Carrey). The mother is not receiving love from her wealthy husband and turns to Levine for comfort after he discovers her unconscious.

Throughout the song, it is assumed he sings about the mother and his feelings of sympathy towards her. Only until the end it is revealed through the closing lyrics that he is actually singing about the daughter, who discovers the affair yet continues her relationship despite knowing Levine’s feelings for her mother.


Blue Porcher

Bluebell Andretti

Falbala Fairey

Marski Glom

I. Fantasy comes into mind and plays with it…

II. This is where obsession leads you to do crazy things… very true we just can’t admit it.

III. And after all the hiding …eventually you’ll get caught without an idea how to make things right again.

Style Card to follow…


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