SL Diary: Markski Glom – Episode 2

As I go on my Second Life, I have met a lot of significant people in my life. To start with…

I would like to introduce to you…Perla Rae.

Perla Rae

When I was starting as a model in SL, I was invited by Miss Shavonne Kayor ( who I will introduce later) to walk for JPS Group.She convinced me, thus I eventually saw myself rehearsing with top models and not only top models, but good models as well, to name a few, Amyjade W., ChristianDestiny, etc. There I met Perla, we walk on pairs, she was my partner on the walks. I always request her to rehearse even without the other models, so I will be able to perfect my walks. She was a very patient, kind and loving friend. She was the one who was able to connect and introduce me to agencies such as Farouche Modeling Agency, 5th Avenue, and much more.  Along those, she was able to help me and teach me modeling techniques as well. She is a fun lady.

Recently, she has her own horse farn, (I don’t know if she is taking rabbits too) but for now I think she is doing very with her SL. Although we were not able to bond unlike before…she is always remembered in Markski’s Life. Where are you Perla anyways? (

Another lovely lady who did so much effort in building who I am today is Miss Shavonne Kayor.

Shavonne Kayor

Shav, (what I always call her), I really forgot how I met her, I just did (well if there is anybody that introduced me to her, I would gladly would like to thank you… whoever you are…I am sorry, my memory today is as rusted as my home PC..apologies). Back to the topic, I met Shav, and she Im-ed me about this show, she would always used voice, so I really treasure her singing, saying “Markski, you have to go to this show, it is amazing, a lot of famous people are there…etc.” and I was like ” I cannot, I am not as good as you guys (I still do not know AVENUE back then…so I was as ordinary still as a noobie model even after attending MA), so she was able to convince me. I told her “How will I be able to stand along with these great model looking like this ?”

Like this?

I know there was nothing wrong with the skin, it’s just that it is not quality skin and it was just a freebie from a friend. So Shavonne took me to Belleza, got me a nice skin, I was telling her not to buy me skin since I still have a hosting job back then, she said “Hell! That job will not give you enough to buy this” . That made me burst out laughing in front of the pc.

After that day, from that picture from above, I looked like this afterwards.

I have to thank Shavonne, because she was the one who opened a lot of doors for me, although she would have a lot of worries on SL…I can still understand everything she is going on through. Thank you Shavonne. Thank you very much.

Going on, (I do not know if she will permit me, but I would like to recognize two of the greatest buddies I have ever known…although the other one has just stopped playing SL, but still I owe her much)


Mina Pelazzi

Chez Heinrichs

Now that is another story to tell…watch out for EPISODE 3. ^^


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