SL Diary: Markski Glom – Episode 1

Once upon a time…

I think I missed the proper intro for this, (laughs).

Take two…




This was my first good skin...

I am Markski Glom, born September 9, 2009. I have been around Secondlife for quite some time now. Looking back would be something not most of us has time to do, but now I had the opportunity, I would do it with much joy and excitement to share to you my Secondlife.

Do not worry, this diary would include illustrations and pictures that will not bore you. (Laughs).

I started in SL as a normal looking guy, everyone will not notice since most of guys around here looks like me.

(Fig 1. Me and old me )

I started as a noob like everyone else, dressed like one, has a noobie skin, shape, and of course has no AO yet. I find myself hanging out on ballroom clubs and jazz clubs. I’ve always loved the fact that you cannot hide any song in history here…they can all be found in SL.

I am a musician in RL so I am really into classical and jazz music. During my earlier months I always hang out dancing ballroom with different ladies everyday, finding things I can do with SL considering that I am not aware of anything yet and have no “friends” made that time. I met Coco (my wife) in one of the jazz clubs I used to hang out to (Alexandra Jazz – hopes I got it right).

Basically, my life back then rotates around dancing and staring at other avatars wondering how they are able to look very cool and wonderfully dressed and how good their shapes are. I roam around different sims and discover good places and wonders of people’s creativity.

Getting along the game, I was able to meet a lot of Filipino friends (same nationalities can get easier contacts and can understand better). They introduced me to how things go on SL exactly. They told me I have to find a job, get some money, and get a partner (I scratched my head on that since I did not know before that it is possible to get married or partnered in SL, I did not even know that there are age preferences on different sims).

Before I got into modeling, I was a soldier back then.

(Fig.2 Soldier Me.)

I joined a Spanish crew of role playing guys who call their group as “Special Force“,  they play as soldiers with bases and defending their flags from enemy crossing their borders. During the time I was playing as one of SF‘s new recuits, I encountered the modeling industry through the help of my friend Piolo Davi.

Piolo is a Filipino, introduced me to his agency which is MA. Owned by Miss Macy Arida, I found myself hooked to it due to my passion in arts and fashion in RL. Pi (as what us friends call him) showed me around and gave me tours on his fashion shows, castings, and introduced me to fellow models as well.

He encouraged me to enroll at MA for that year (Jan.2010) and had him as my mentor.

(Fig.3 Piolo & Me, having class in MA)
Fig.4 Piolo and Me on MA Runway Class

He was indeed a good teacher, i owe him for introducing me to this field. Along with Mama Angeltatz, Mama Belinda, Mama Macy, and Mama Belinda (Called them Mama because they have taken good care of me like moms), they patiently given me lessons and permitted me to practice everyday for free in the runway.

Fig. 5 Mama Angel, Mama Belinda, and Me

I always hang in the agency, most of my time is spent there. Greeting people, walking the runway, and that is where the original “Markski Huggies” came to life (laughs). I love seeing people happy, it brings out a good day, makes the sun shine in a very emotional sense.

Normally, I would spend the day walking he runway for 2-4 hours a day, figuring how to do poses, and how to walk straight, applying lessons they have taught me for that day. I would always pass my assignments after the very moment they have given it to me. My favorite assignment at school would be making style cards for different outfits and walk with the outfit. I was able to have different skins and hairs, and people will give outfits here and there. It was fun being able to be a model in SL even if it sometimes not possible in RL. Photoshoots were also required for the castings so I was eager enough to take some shots for my portfolio even though I was not good back then.

Fig.6 One of my Pictures

The first casting I ever did before graduating MA, was the most significant casting ever. You want to know why?

Fig.7 Kids Casting
Fig. 8 Me with Mam Aislinn in kids casting

I was able to do a kid’s avatar casting and got in. That was my first casting ever. A very significant and very rewarding thing, that made SL for me something I look forward to everyday. Sometimes it keeps you from thinking that it is not a game anymore.  And after that things have changed for me in this field.

To be continued…


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