Intro: Markski SL Diary (Episode 1)

I wanna be a King so freakin’ bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of BOSL magazine
Smiling next to Frollic and Miss Paisley

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different sim every night oh
I swear  SL better prepare
For when I’m a reigning King

I just had the time to make fun of a song, but true enough…all of us have life goals (both RL and SL). As for me, one would be this (points on picture). I am very thankful for this year, gifts are coming and I am really happy about it. I won the BCBC Scholarship from Sir Bre Coba and now I will be able to enroll at Maniera, which is one of my goals.

Personally, I wanted to share these to you all since I am just a new person making my way in this career. I want to share to you my SL and what happens with me inside it, so that you will see me and understand. People might see me as a flirt, but inside I am really just a sweet person, always wanted to make everyone happy.

I want you to be my friend.

I want you to witness my life.

And share my failures and successes.

To my dear readers, I am Markski Glom…and this is My SL Story.


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