Ms. FS Stylista 2011 Crowned

The coronation night for Ms. FS Stylista Event was once again impressive and supported. The morning did not go as simple, but instead three of the finalists scored a tie for the crown. With the desire and need to have one madamoiselle to be crowned, our Ms. Yula, as well as our juries and staff, decided to have another round for the three to break the tie. And as to our expectation, the ladies show their best and expressed their style in the given suprise theme “NOEL”.

“Noel”, as a noun, is used to represent Christmas and is widely used among cultures and generations.  It originated from the Italian term natalis which means “birth” which entails the message of the birth of a child in Bethlehem that is considered for some culture the reason behind celebrating Christmas (birth of Christ). Noel in French originated as “Noël” which is defined as Christmas, some would also say that it may have originated in Gualish terms “noio” or “neu” meaning “new” and “helle” which means “light” (Parker,2005). But, as we all know, that no matter where this term originated, we will recognize the essence of Christmas when we speak of the term “Noel”.

As for our winners, they represented the theme “NOEL” as so…

1. Rissa Friller

Risa presented her outfit with a red floor length dress with poinsettia flowers  that expressed a very Christmas themed outfit. Accessorized of course with Finesmith Designs. She was able to catch the judges attention on this lovely attire, the dress complemented with the jewelries made her a lovely Christmas maiden. Indeed beautiful and elegant.

2. Blackliquid Tokyoska

Blackliquid is nothing short of AMAZING! She dazzled the runway with her White Christmas themed outfit with a Finesmith Design collar piece turned into a wand.Very clever and very impressive details on her representation of Noel. Combining the metallic features of the jewels with her white detailed gown with fur and a very stylish hair, she continually hypnotizes us with her unique and high-class stylish prowess.

3. Leah Portland

With her color combining skills and accessory matching, people will indeed agree when I say that Leah is striking. In this outfit she projected the harmony of whites and reds that I can define on a personal note that these colors represents Peace and Love, which of course is the very essence of Christmas. She did a splendid job on mixing her skirt to her accessories which does make an impact. One word…Magnificent.

Although the girls did a great job on the final “surprise” styling, there is still one task for our judges…to crown one of them. After the long wait and the whole FS Stylista Contest. I present to you (along with the Finesmith Family) our Ms. FS Stylista 2011 is…



Congratulations Rissa!! And to all the ladies who were a part of this contest. You all deserve huggies and lots of it.^^ With much excitement, we look forward to another year of finding again who will be crowned Ms. FS Stylista 2012.

We hope that you will all join us as we continue the search and walk further the journey laid for us.

We thank you for all your support for Finesmith Designs. This will not be the end of our service and our commitment to all of you, but a start of new possibilities and better quality service as our promise to you…our costumer and friend. Imagination is endless.

Thank you very much.


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