The Finalists for Ms. FS Stylista 2011

The ladies were very lovely indeed as they walked the Finesmith Runway last December 17th. We are very proud on how the contest went on from one styling day to the next. This year was indeed very promising for all these ladies who gave their best to compete and pursue the goal…the title of “Ms. FS Stylista 2011”.

With your hosts, Moi and Miss Rhonda Pennel, and the whole Finesmith Family lead by the most loving Ma’am Yula Finesmith. We presented 10 of the best stylist in SL. We are very much confident to say this due to the fact that even our juries were amazed on how marvelous and overwhelming the stage became when the ladies came out.

Again, we would like to present to you the TOP 10 Finalists for Ms. FS Stylista 2011!! (although I will just present Finesmith Items for both 2 runways sets)

Starting off with…(Finesmith Items)

1. Xenobia Foxclaw

Mask: FineSmith Designs – Disturbia collection veil

Necklace: FineSmith Designs – Capril Collar

Tear: FineSmith Designs – In the FlaSH, yula’s tear

Nails: FineSmith Nails: Metallic

Earrings and Bracelets: Finesmith Designs – Cybergirl

2. Dementia Navarita

Earrings: Finesmith Designs – Wish

Nails: Finesmith Nails – Magenta

Sets: Finesmith Designs – Disturbia Collection

3. Rissa Friller

Necklace and sets : Finesmith December Collection (w/ earrings)

Finesmith Snowflake Bindi

Flash Victorian Secret ear pieces and neck piece

Nails: Finesmith Designs -Red

4. Blackliquid Tokyoska

Necklace : Finesmith Designs – Inspired by Blackliquid, Inspired by Elyna, Lulu’s Melody

Earrings: Finesmith Designs – H2O

Bracelets: Finesmith Designs – O Collection Oxygen Bracelets

Nails: Finesmith Designs – Painter – Red

Belly: Finesmith Designs – Sexy Flower

5. Arisia Ashmoot

Necklace: Finesmith collar inspired by BlackLiquid

Finesmith collar inspired by Scarlet

Bracelet: Finesmith Bliss bracelets
6. Leah Portland
Earrings: Finesmith’s Harmony earrings
Bracelet: Bliss bracelet
Ring: Finesmith Designs – H2O2 ring
Necklace: Finesmith Designs –  O collection necklace
7. Elyna Carver
Necklace and Sets: Finesmith Designs – The Flash Victorian Set
Finesmith Kitsch Couture neck piece
Earrings: Finesmith Designs – Hoop Earrings
8. Scarlett Loxingly
Bracelets: Finesmith Designs – Gold Cybergirl bracelets
Ring: Finesmith Designs – Droid ring
Finesmith Designs – Nueva ring
Earrings : Finesmith Designs – Harmony Silver Earrings
Necklace : Finesmith Designs – Inspired by Elyna
9. Valeria Endrizzi
Necklace: Finesmith Designs – Inspired by Elyna (collar)
Ring : Finesmith Designs – O Collection Droid Ring
Earrings: Finesmith Designs – H2O Earrings
The event was indeed successful, the coronation will be held this coming friday, December 24, 2010. Good luck to all the ladies who did impressively on this competition.
We would also like to acknowledge our juries who never stopped supporting us:
Topaz Joubert – Maniera CEO
Reign Congrejo-AVENUE
Guka Sparta-REMA
Pyper Dollinger– TIMELESS
Morgane Batista – Morgane Poses
Didier Rascon– HOUSE OF EUROPE
Geryn Sloane-GSLoane Couture
Anabella Ravinelli– MANIERA  Gen. Manager
Barney Helendale– DEJAVOGUE agency
Matteo Bettencourt– Outragous Glamour Agency CEO
Mimi Juneau – Mimi’s Chioce owner
CindyS Tatham – Photographer
Blac Quartz – Arcobaleno
Rachel Carstensz – SFL
Melanie Verrazzano – stylist/rl @ sl artist painter
Lars Foulsbane – blogger and model
Lybra Rage– Maniera magazine and Finesmith jewelry photographer
Poulet Koenkamp – Purple Moon Designer
Patty Cortes– GLANCE CEO
Cecilia Verrazzano – IMA
Without all of you this event will not be possible. Thank you very much.
For complete details on the Finalist, please visit Finesmith Blog

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