Maligayang Pasko (Merry Christmas) from Markski Glom

Maligayang Pasko (Merry Christmas) from Markski Glom.

“Maligayang Pasko” is the Filipino translation for Merry Christmas. Christmas in the Philippines is celebrated with carollings, “Simband Gabi” – dawn mass, Puto-bumbong and Bibingka (local sweet delicacies, rice cakes), and family reunions. This is the happiest time of the year for everyone. I want to share the happiness and the yuletide feeling with you.

Personally, the whole year has been very interesting for me not only as a model but as an individual growing in this field. I want to extend my gratitude to dear friends and colleagues for making this year a very thrilling and interesting one. To name a few, Ananya Mai, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Ricoracer Flux, Seth Diabolito, Sir Edi and Frollic, Lybra Rage, Lulu Coba, Mam Anabella and Mam Topaz, Rod Insippo, (Maniera Family-  thanks for adopting even if I’m not yet official..hehe), to the whole Finesmith designs family (Chloe, Sophira, Catlyn, Helen, etc.), To Miss Shavonne Kayor and and Perla Rae who helped me start strongly in the modelling field.To Mam Yula who does not hit me yet because I tend to have a lot of flaws (heheh…) and the long talks, To the Finesmith Juries who never failed to continually support Finesmith, To all my “moms” (smiles big) Mama Fuzz, Mama Angel, Mama Isabela, Mama Belinda, you’ve been all angels. I am very much thankful for meeting all of you. To the late, Chez Heinrichs, you’ll always be cherished, To MP you’ll always be loved. To Madame Mimmi Boa for being nice to let me give you huggies..^^

I may not be able to list all your names but you know I am very grateful for all of you. ^-^

To my Sl family, Miss Melanie Verrazzano, I know I have been a pig-head and Im sorry, To my ever dearest Coconess you’ll always be in my heart. To Lollies, thank you for understanding Unki. ^-^

This year would not be as memorable if not for all of you who have been there and have been patient with my long comments and unbearable hardheadedness. ^^ A good year has passed and may 2011 be a New Year and new beginning for all of us. Enduring good times and bad, I pray we will be together still…

Maligayang Pasko From Me.


Markski Glom


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